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While we don't have an application, you must come here to register your character before you can begin roleplaying and moved into a group.
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Need plots for your characters? Then this is the place to go!
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Every Beat of my Heart
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New life will be created here. This is a form for puppies and adults inside. Make sure to fill out the forms.
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Westover, WA

The Subway
This is the city subay. There are several tunnels that run for miles underground. the tunnels are dark and damp and trains run rather frequently through here so it's best to excercise caution when exploring here.
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The Black Cat
An old hotel that was abandonded during the 50's. It sits in a shady corner of Westover. The windows are all boarded up and a small gate has been put up around the perimeter but there is a hole in the fence where the canines can get through. Be careful going up the stairs there are places that are rotten.
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The Docks
These docks jut out into one of Westover's busiest bay's. There are fishing boats, private boats and other ships that come in here regularly. It spans a good distance along the coast. There are even boathouses along here as well. The perfect place to watch a sunset.
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Lake Arrow
A beautiful lake situated north of the city. Many tourists come through here during the summer months to spend their hot summer days lounging around at the lake. There are cabins set up for overnight stays or longer.
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Town Square
The center of Westover. This is usually the busiest places of the town. Shops are found up and down the street here. Vendors are out selling popcorn and peanuts during the day. There is a stone fountain in the middle of the town and benches that surround it. Humans often come through here.
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Lands of the Unaligned

Roaring Falls Pack
The Roaring Falls Pack is currently led by Tribute. This pack is led by a traditional hierarchy based pack. Meaning that the ranks are respected by superiority. This pack is neutral from all the others and tries to keep it's nose out of the city all together - though they will travel there to recruit new members or spy to see what's going on in the city-packs. They are for all types of canines and have all kinds of different personalities. Honestly the only thing in common most of the time is the respect for the superiors! Roaring Falls is a vast forest that is lush and green all around. The canines make their home in a stone cave hidden behind a waterfall where the dens are giant crevices in the walls. Directly in the middle of the forest is a unique meadow that is clear of trees and a perfect view of the stars and skies. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ON THE PACK, ENTER THE BOARD.
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Sacred Forest Pack
This land is owned by the Sacred Forest Pack. The Sacred Forest Pack is a very spiritual and open pack, filled with healers, shamans, and warriors. The pack has their own set of gods and goddesses. The land is full of lush forests, and in the center lies a large pond surrounded by small caves and dens. An open field lies at the southern part of the territory, which the pack uses for hunting.
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Inspire Pack
This pack is led by FRANC. This pack believes in having fun and goofing around. They take pack life seriously however and dont tolerate anything out of bounds. Franc takes any species, doesn't matter. Anyone wanting a home and the feeling of belonging, this is for them. They are situated in an old apartment complex. There are three buildings that make up the complex. The center one is the main building for the pack. A stone fountain sits in the center courtyard and a playground is off to the back.
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Exousia Katharos
This pack is led by the loyal, honest yet purists of this land. They are ruthless fighters, talented at speaking and getting what they want, and revenge is just second nature to them. They will do anything by command of their alpha. The leaders first, then themselves.Their pack headquarters lies in an old abandon mansion, just west of Narou Beach. It is a gated 5 acre place with gardens and a fountain when you first enter the HQ. You can find them mostly at the beach or by the back gate that leads to the beach with their own boardwalk. Come take a look!
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Decus Pack
This pack is led by Deuce. They believe in honor and knowing their place in the world. They are accepting of everyone and any species to join. They are located in an old abandoned warehouse. There are a cluster of warehouses around them that they control.
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This pack is led by PHANTASM. They are bent on justice, but take it to a darker level. They seek to correct wrong doings done to them but do not care who gets in their way. They are power hungry and slightly blood thirsty. They are located in an old factory on the coast of Westover just north of the California border.
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Outer Rim

Abandoned TB Hospital
A TB hospital closed down in the 40's. Old vines snake around the foundation. There is a board covering the hospitals entrance but someone had loosened it and its open a bit now enough for a canine to slip through. Inside mother nature has started taking over and reclaiming the building. There are four floors total with a basement tunnel used to transport the dead.
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Jim's Salvage
Jim's Salvage yard is littered with old cars, bits of trucks and just about anything in between. Jim's never really around so sneaking in here isnt a problem. Just steer clear of Jim's dog Brutus. He doesn't take kindly to trespassers
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Westover Cemetary
An ancient cemetary. There are mausoleums, and paths that wind through here. The stones date back to the 1700's and some even older. A small pond is also in the cemetary with a footbridge connecting it to a slightly newer section.
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Ghostly Forest
This forest is known to be haunted. A faint mist snakes around the ground even during the winter months. Moans, noises and other scary sounds have been heard echoing through here. It's quite frightening at night and there have been reports of actual spirits walking through here.
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Narou Beach
A long sandy beach spanning the coast of Washington. It runs from north to south along the length of the state. An old shipwreck could be found several feet down. the sand is a soft tawny color and there are places to go exploring around here. Old shacks litter the wooded area as well.
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Banner Park
A wonderful park where both humans and canines have mingled. There is a small pond in the center of it and a foot bridge that extends over it. It spans several city blocks in length and width. Lush green trees and oaks span the distance.
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Baby, It's All Or Nothing Now

Come here if you wish to advertise or affiliate with us. NO SIM GAMES UNLESS WE CAN LINK BACK Please check your coding. We accept any board and any host as long as its guest friendly. FORUMOTION MUST ALLOW GUESTS TO POST EXTERNAL LINKS. Banners must be 88x31 in size or it will be denied. see inside for further rules.
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Members can post games here.
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Leaving Paw Prints
Going away on vacation? Please come here to tell us.
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Member Lounge
Members can come here to talk about anything and everything. Make sure its PG-13 however.
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Graphics Stop
Need an image done? Or are you good with making graphics? You can start your own store here or post for someone to do you one!
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